PLANY Silage Compactor

PLANY Silage Compactor

We deliver silage compactors that are made to measure and suit all types of silos – both round and square. The stays or floating ring keep the edges of the silage compactor up, so that you can quickly and easily fill it with water. With normal handling and good storage space, you will be able to use the silage compactor for many seasons. Get in touch for more information and a good offer. 

• Round silage compactor from Ø 3 m to Ø 8 m
• Square silage compactor based on the inner dimensions of the silo
• Water tubing Ø 30 cm or Ø 50 cm
• Sandbags 
• Covers for silage pits
• Liners for sealing silos


Sigbjørn Notøy
+47 916 45 386


• Made of PVC
• Glass fibre stays
• Floating ring of PE LD foam